Sr. Tracey Matthia Dugas is our Cajun girl from St. Martinville, Louisiana. As a teen one of her big goals in life was to get a job at the mall so she could “get a really good discount at The Gap.” Yet at the same time she hungered for something more and kept asking herself, “What do I really want?”

Her favorite thing about being consecrated to God is that she's God's "audio-visual," called to communicate him and his love and truth to everyone. Sr. Tracey is currently stationed in New Orleans, LA, where she and the sisters run the Pauline Books & Media Centera center of faith and hope where people come to be close to Jesus in the Eucharistic Chapel as well as through books, music and videos. When she’s not singing, Sr. Tracey spends much of her time continuing her theological training at Notre Dame Seminary, facilitating her community of sisters and speaking God's Word at retreats and conferences and on the radio.

"I’m always amazed at how God can speak to the heart through music! I pray that he will speak to you of his immense love and never-failing mercy."